Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Domo Arigato

While on vacation last year, my husband and I picked up one of these tin Robot toys that winds up - you know the kind - I'm sure you had one when you were little! 

This was my inspiration for my next design board.  I haven't done many boys rooms, so this was a bit of a challenge.  I am apparently way better at girls rooms!

Since I sort of designed this to be used in my son's room I am keeping the paint as is (you can see the details here: Asher's Room).  It is Approaching Storm by Ralph Lauren.  The accent colors are blue, orange, aqua and grey.  The curtains I have left as they are now (Ikea, $39.99 for the set of 2 panels and they are a charcoal linen).

Here is my shopping list:

- bedding from Land Of Nod
- rag quilt from Etsy
- throw rug from Etsy
- 3 robot prints from Etsy
- metal picture frames from Etsy
- robot pillow from Etsy
- square silver knobs for the dresser from Home Depot
- black pendant light from Ikea
- white storage unit and drawers from Ikea
- black robot decal (custom colors available, I'd go with a combination of orange, aqua and grey) to stick on the sotorage bins from Etsy
- I have no idea where that awesome white spaceship lamp is from but isn't it cool?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!!  A friend sent me this blog because this little guy has a robot room, too.  It's so cute!! 

Another Robot Room


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