Sunday, December 19, 2010

Asher's Room

I had a vague idea of how I wanted Asher's room decorated.  And I changed my mind several times.  This is the outcome, and I love it.  I never ever want it changed, but I know one day he'll want it painted camo or something like that.  Maybe I'll move him into the office so I can leave this room as is.

I don't have any before pictures, but it was the same color as the rest of the house - boring ass beige.

I just noticed that the lightbulb in the chandelier ($60 from Walmart) is burnt out.  Gotta change that.  The chair and side table were my Grandpa's - I had my Mom recover the chair in charcoal wool ($300 for the fabric) and I refinished the table with high gloss white spray paint.  The grey curtains are from Ikea ($30), same with the white sheers ($20).  The bottom paint color is Approaching Storm by Ralph Lauren, the top is white and grey (I don't remember the names, but they were from Benjamin Moore and I'd never recommend that place to anyone), but the grey stripes have a silver coating on them.  It was soo much work, but I love the results.  Thank you Carl!

A better look at the corner.  The crib is from Sears ($400), bedding is home made - sewn by my Mom.

That table is so 70's.  I love it!  Spray paint was $10.

The print on the wall was from some very good friends of ours.  It's so cute!  Lamp is from Ikea ($10), marble side table was $40 but my sister gave it to us for Christmas.

Frames were on clearance at Michaels ($7 each) and spray painted with high gloss black ($10).  The prints are by Mark Ryden - a box set I bought several years ago.  The set is called "Bunnies and Bees".  Each print works out to $3.

Shelf - $10 from Ikea.  

I paid $49 for this dresser in 1993.  The knobs are from Lee Valley ($6 each, a bit of a splurge), and Carl added the white moulding (cut it himself, and glued it on).  The change pad cover was $30.

The mirror was originally $100 from a Home Depot type store, but because it was chipped in many places we got it for $50.  Then we spray painted it with high gloss black.

Bunny - gift from Grandma.  

$5 vase again.  Blocks from Etsy - $25.  I'm not crazy about the color.  I might change them one day. The "A" was used at Asher's shower/meet the baby party.  My sister made it.

A closer look at the bedding.  The turquoise fuzzy stuff was on sale for $5 a meter, and the bird fabric is organic cotton from Etsy.  It was $15 a meter.

I think I might put a stick on monogram above the bed.  Like this:

My God those look so fake...but anyway, I thought of doing a large A with the dots around it.  And, wow do I ever love that fabric curtain around the head of the bed. I even love the pom pom trim!

So, for all the items listed above plus paint, the room came to approx. $1400.  Not too shabby :)

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