Laundry Room

All done!!  I set my mind to getting the laundry room finished and had I been the only one working on it it would have been done 2 weeks ago but I needed someone to do the electrical and to put up the hooks.  That's where I call my Dad in to help.  He was awesome - he put together the cabinet, put up the light fixture and the hooks. All the stuff I couldn't do myself.  Here is the finished product:

The light fixture is from Ikea ($50), the paint is from Lowe's (Valspar - Frosty), the cabinet is from Walmart ($40), the handles on the cabinet are from Home Depot ($6 each), the glass jars are from Home Outfitters ($20 for the set of 3), and the metal bin is sooo old and from The Bay.

That fantastic piece of art on the wall was made in watercolor by my not even 2 year old son.  I bought the frame from Ikea ($12) and it seriously makes it look like a professional did it. Maybe I'm just a proud Mama - whatevs - I don't care.   That painting is gorgeous and I encourage you to put YOUR little one's works of art in frames like this.  

These hooks are the be all and end all to the household clutter. Now, finally, these bags won't be sitting in the way in the hall.  They have their own place.  These hooks are from Ikea ($6 for  a set of  2).  

Piece of art #2 - a comic book from my husbands stash from when he was a kid.  The date on that comic book is 1986.  Crazy. He has a box full of them and wasn't intending on doing anything with them until I asked if he'd want to frame one.  I think the result is awesome!

 So, after all is said and done, the total cost of this mini reno was $203.  Not too shabby!