Friday, February 4, 2011

Ivy's Big Girl Room

My girlfriend asked for some ideas for her little girls room.  I asked her to tell me what colors she liked and how she would describe her style.  She said she liked "hippy mod shabby chic".  Um, ok.  I'm not gonna lie.  I was a little intimidated by that.  I'm not really familiar with shabby chic, but I know I could throw something together really easily.  It was the mod hippy part that freaked me out.  I procrastinated.  A lot.  I had a few ideas, but nothing that was really sticking with me or making me feel good about what I was doing.

Then I remembered this fabric that I love, and it was the exact colors she wanted.  Here it is:

This is Michael Miller's "Whimsy" in Candy.  I think this will be perfect for the drapery in Ivy's room.  Once I chose this fabric, I started to build the room around it.  This paint color would be great on the bottom half of the room (if she wants to paint half way up).

This green is Martha Stewart "Lily Pad".  It's a nice calm green that offsets the bright crazy colors of the fabric.  Another option for a crazy wall color (only halfway up the wall, though.  With these bright strong colors you don't want to do too much) would be this pink:

But, if she wants to keep the walls neutral and use the color in the accents then I would go with this cream:

This is Martha Stewarts "Heavy Cream".  It's the perfect off white.

I also like this fabric for the windows:

Or this one:

Next, we need accent fabrics for extra stuff - pillows, blankets, etc.

Rug options - these are all from Ikea.

And now for accent pieces.  Every room needs something black in it to anchor the eye.  I chose this fun comfy "Fatboy" Beanbag Chair.  This is NOT your parents bean bag chair from the 70's!

They come in many other colors, too.  This is a Fatboy "Point" if you don't have room for a big chair, you could get this instead.  They also come in many different colors.

Accessories!  These blocks are cute and fun.  They would look nice in a tall fancy glass vase, or just stacked on a floating shelf.

These are cute little items I found on Etsy.  I see these sitting on a dresser with hair clips and barrettes in them.

Picture frames in multicolors:

And these ADORABLE little owl accents!  This one is a vase

This one is a lamp, and also comes in white.

I know it's hard to see all of these things and try to get a good idea of what it will all look like with the furniture and everything, so I threw together (and when I say "threw", I mean really threw it together, in minutes so don't judge) this "mood board" so you can see it all together.  I have lots more to add, but I can only fit so much on here.  I hope Ivy likes it!


  1. this is so gorgeous and perfect. i must admit, i'm a little teary. ivy will love it.

    thank you. <3

  2. I love it! Where does the line start for room design consults?

  3. Coot, you're making ME tear up!!

    Kit - say the word, I'm yours.