Monday, January 2, 2012

Big changes are coming!

I've had some crazy stuff going on the past month or so - Christmas is obviously a busy time, but in addition to that we've had some career changes in our family.  I haven't had much time to take pictures, or post much of anything!  But, my husband has been very busy around the house so I have lots to show you!

First, he painted the hallways medium grey (Cement by Ralph Lauren), and the doors have been painted high gloss black.  Here are a few before pictures:

And the after:

We still have to put the glass knobs on (they look like these, but are silver instead of brass):

And we will be getting new light fixtures but not sure which ones yet.

Next, he painted the bonus room a dark charcoal grey (the original color was the same as the hallways - sorry I don't have any before pics).  I'm pretty sure the color is Palais Royal by Ralph Lauren but am not positive.  It's very dark.  And I ADORE it!  I love how the red leather sofa pops!   I can't show you the rest of the room, though, because it's also my gym and our son's playroom and it's a complete disaster.

I am thinking of some art above the sofa like this:

Or, if my husband gets crafty, we could make something like this on 2 lengthwise canvases, and have them mounted one above the other...does that make sense?

Also, we have this poster (it's from the movie A Clockwork Orange, my husbands all time favourite) and we are going to put it on the wall beside the TV:

We are shopping for a new coffee table, blinds, and lighting.  We still have a long ways to go, but I love the look of it already.  It's like it was always meant to be this color!  Then again, I've always hated the camel color it was.

Of course, when you start making changes like this, you start to see other things you hate in your house.  I can't stand the carpets.  I'm not sure why I ever chose brown.  What was I thinking??  Those will be replaced eventually with hardwood, but that's not for a while.  It's a huge expense that we aren't prepared for right now.  I will also be painting the railings from that awful hideous yellow to white.  There are also other smaller things that I can change.  So stay tuned for more very exciting stuff, coming very soon!!


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