Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nom Nom Babies

I've been super busy lately with planning a charity golf tournament for work, and making toddler rag quilts for my friend Tara's new furniture booth (read about it here).   So if you've been wondering where I've been - there you have it.  I've missed blogging but because I've been so busy I have nothing done around the house.  Instead, today I give to you my Etsy Baby list.

You might have guessed by my style that I don't like "babyish" things.  I like black.  Skulls.  Ninjas.  Robots.  Black.  Punk rock.  Black.  Did I mention I like black?  On babies?   So, anyway, whenever I come across non babyish stuff, I save it.  And now I share it with you!

This dress is from Raven and the Rose.  I love babies in black - it's so unconventional!

This skull pattern is awesome on these shirts!  I have searched and searched for it, but it's no longer available.  Boooo!  These shirts are from Rocker Bye Babies.

This little zombie doll is so cute.  I would totally buy this for my little guy if he wouldn't try to eat the eyes off of it.  This is from Pinky N Me.

I had a really hard time finding bedding for my little guys nursery.  This tattoo pattern is so RAD!  It almost makes me want another baby so I can do a more rock n roll nursery.  This bedding set is also from Rocker Bye Baby.  They have some really cool stuff - check it out!

Don't these shoes go perfectly with the dress above?  I wish Tiny Explorers made them in adult size...

The blocks from Magens Bay have the coolest patterns - not babyish at all, just my style!

This pillow from Helkat Design is not for a nursery but who says it can't be used in one?  The color is great and I love the Union Jack pattern.  

This would be perfect for a baby announcement.  I kinda wish I had used this - in turquoise of course!

French artist Aliette did this trio of prints called "Nuit".  The muted tones would work in any decor.  And they are kinda goth looking, which I obviously love.

These pom poms are not as easy as they look to make.  But they are super versatile - you can use them for birthday parties or to decorate your nursery/toddlers room.  Get these ones from Party Poms.

I love the dreamy look of this photo

Probably the weirdest ceramic decoration I've ever seen, and that's why it's so cool.  

What a cheap and easy way to decorate a child's room! 

Again with the circus stuff.  This shadow box shows a bit of the seedy underground of that lifestyle.

Here's another light box for girls!

I love dark and creepy art for children's rooms.  

So there you have it - my baby wish list from Etsy.  I'm working on my lower bathroom right now so stay tuned for details!


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  1. Gosh, this stuff is amazing! I don't even have a kid but want it for myself!!!! The black paper pom pom is pretty cool, I've made them in the past for friend's weddings but I've never seen a black one. Hmmm might have to make black & white ones for my house as it's .......black & white!!! Thanks for the inspiration.