Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tara's "Modern Vintage" Spare Room

My girlfriend is redoing her spare room and asked for my help.  She wanted it light, airy, and modern.   She showed me her inspiration - a sweater - and let me go to town.  She refinishes furniture (I've mentioned her before...she has the Lauren Lane Decor blog) and she has a dresser that she wants to use and that's it.  I got to pick everything else!  Of course I asked her opinion on stuff before I went with it.  And I love what we've come up with.  I can't wait to help her finish it up!  She's also in the process of redoing her main level which I will post more about on another day.  Or, you could just check out her blog (hint, hint).

Here is her sweater, and color inspiration:

Room Inspiration (this is the spare room from the Made by Girl "Glimpse Into My Home" blog):

And here is the layout of her room:

And here's what I've come up with:

OK here's the list:

Wall color is a light cream.  I like Sarah Richardson's "Jasmine"

Then, the dresser is her own - she said she has several dressers like that one and she will finish one with white paint and distress it a bit.  She does fantastic work - I've seen it in person!  This dresser is the perfect size. 

The art with the circles is by Jen Ramos from Hearts and Cocoa.  It's called Lipstick Dots.  This particular one is sold, but I'm sure she has plenty to choose from that will work.  I think it will go perfectly above the bed.

The bedding is Dwell Studio "Batavia" in Dove. I love love love the aqua sheets with it!  I definitely think that is a MUST.  Here are the ones I found at Pottery Barn Teen:

Now, the bedside table - it's a cheapy from Ikea ($20) but I want her to paint it this color (Sarah Richardson paint "Blue Box"):

And, that's not all.  I want her to add a mirror to the top.  Won't that look fun?  She can stack magazines and books underneath for her guests. 

The lamp is from Ikea, it's very simple and clean.  The candleholder is from Anthropologie.  I love the color - again with the aqua.  Seriously, it goes with everything!

The mirrors are from Pottery Barn.  I love the shape of them!
I had to add a coral Chevron vase in there - this one is from Jill Rosenwald on Etsy.  She has many cute ceramic items in awesome patterns!   Tara loves peonies so I thought silk peonies in hot pink or coral would look awesome in that vase.  You can get silk flowers anywhere, but finding ones that actually look good is a challenge.  We are lucky enough to have a store in Canada called Chintz & Co.  They have the. most. amazing silk flowers.  They are made by Allstate Floral & Craft.  If you can find a place near you that carries them, get them.  These are the only silk flowers you should have in your house. 

Now - the artwork.  Tara just bought a new bike and rides a lot along the trails with her dogs.  I think that this photograph of the bicycle with a vintage feel goes so great with the colors in the room.  I don't know if she'll like it - I didn't show it to her before I threw it in there - but I loooove it!!  And it kind of reminds me of the bike she just bought because it's blue. 

There are so many other pieces I have to add, but they don't fit on the board.  So here they are:

In a spare room, you should always have some amenities for your guests should they have forgotten them - or are staying over unexpectedly after a night of too much wine.  Towels, soap, little hotel sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and a toothbrush and toothpaste is perfect.  Here is a great basket from Restoration Hardware that would really look great on the dresser.  It's vintage looking, which goes nicely with the more modern look of the room. 

Or this one would work very well also (from Jennifer Lyons shop on Etsy)

Here's another decorative piece that could be used as a door stop or on the nightstand.  It's been sold, but this is just so you get the idea.  Random funky pieces like this really make the space feel "modern vintage".

Tara loves keys, and this jewellery stand would look so great in her room!  I don't care if she uses it in the spare room - she has to have it!  It's from Urban Outfitters.

This hook is also from Urban Outfitters.  I think hooks painted in funky colors (like hot pink, coral, yellow or aqua) are so awesome!  This one would look great in her room in coral, on the wall right when you walk in the room.

I found this fun rug - the colors go well with the color scheme she chose for the room...not sure if she'll dig this rug though!!  The rug is from Anthropologie

And, every bedroom needs an alarm clock.  This is a classic style.

I think that's about all I have for the room for now.  I hope Tara likes what I've put together for her, and maybe I've given you some ideas too!


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