Friday, April 8, 2011

Speaking of my office...

It needs help.  Not just decor, but organization.  First things first.  Here is what I'm planning so far:

Paint (Peacock's Plume by CIL)

Feature Wall wallpaper:

Simple White Desk from Ikea.  We have a Mac Mini, so this is more than enough room for it and our monitor.  Everything else will be hidden in the cabinets.

We already have 2 of these Billy bookshelves from Ikea: 

I'll probably add some baskets to hold my junk so it doesn't look so cluttered.  That's almost always half the problem, isn't it?  Our places look so cluttered and make us crazy...

I'm also going to add this shelf (Ikea - Lack) to hold some nice decorative things, so it doesn't look like I just work in here:

Of course, since mine will be in a working office, it won't look as pretty.  I'll still have office-y things on them.

I hate the leather office chair.  They are so generic, and have no style or beauty.  I'd love a Herman Miller but let's get serious.  Who owns a $1300 office chair?  Not this gal!  So, I found this one from Ikea.  PS - office chairs are not cheap - not even from Ikea.  This one is $160.

Of course I have to have a pretty task lamp (again from Ikea).  This one is so clean and simple:

Now, for some organization.  On the shelves I will have bins - one for "to do" and one "filing".  This organizational board is from Pottery Barn.  

I just had to show you the components of this thing.  It has everything!! I obviously won't need the spice rack or jars, but I will get the chalkboard, letter bin, cork board, office organizer and linen pin board.  Genius!  

There is really no such thing as a gorgeous filing cabinet, so I'm working on that.  Since my office is in a bedroom, I might just get one of the ugly ones and shove it in the closet. 

I'd better get to work!!


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  1. I love your style! All of your idea boards are things that I would put together in my home too!! As a fellow "smoky purple" painter (I did our kitchen)I am so glad I found your blog!!
    If you have some time, mine is:
    Im following!!