Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Dining Room

As I mentioned, my camera is broken.  The lens will not auto focus, so these pictures are a little bit blurry.  I apologize.

My silver dining room table is solid oak (and bloody heavy!), and seats 6 comfortably but we have squished 8 people around it.  It was $900 and worth every penny.  We got it a few of years ago at Urban Barn (a Canadian store). The black shears on the windows are from Ikea - $10 for a package of 2.  Best deal ever.  The curtains are made from silk fabric (same as in the living room). My Mom sewed them.

 We searched for a couple of years after that for chairs to go with it.  Impossible.  Then we found them....

...at Ashley Furniture.  This is what they looked like before.  Do you believe it? Yellow plaid fabric? Ew! So we bought the sapphire velour fabric and recovered them ourselves.  If you've never recovered a chair, it is seriously so easy.  All you have to do is take the seat off the chair, take the fabric off the seat (usually they are just stapled on, so use a flat head screwdriver and set of needle nose pliers) trace the old fabric onto the new stuff, cut it out and use a staple gun to staple the new fabric on.  Easy peasy!

The chandelier was on sale for $300 (from $600!) at Chintz & Co.  A pretty good deal, I'd say. 

 The artwork is The Lament for Icarus by Hebert Draper.  We bought the print when we were in London, England and had it canvas mounted and framed for pretty cheap at Costco.  They do an excellent job there.

I admit my table is never set with plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery.  I have a toddler so it's not really possible to leave things out.  But, it looks pretty, no?  My china is Mikasa "Satin White", glasses are La Rochere, napkins are from about 10 years ago at Pottery Barn and the cutlery is Presidents Choice - cheapy cheapy set from a grocery store.  Not that you can see any of that stuff.  I hope to get my camera fixed very soon.


  1. Oh, and we almost bought the same exact chair that went with a table.

  2. You have excellent taste, Ms Blushy!