Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Living Room

This is the only before picture I have of the living room.  Like the "Sir Perry" cider there?  Yeah, I drink...whatcha gonna do about it?  

Paint color is CIL "Easton Blue".  I wanted something "moody".  It's perfect!  The chairs are custom from Chintz & Co.  

The picture is Andy Warhol.  Curtains are made by my Mom (fabric is silk, and was $350 for 3 windows in the living room and dining room).  The mantle - GET THIS - was $100 on Kijiji which is the Canadian equivalent of Craigs List.  Sofa is custom from Chintz and Co ($1600), my husband picked and ordered the coffee table and I have no idea where it was from, and the black lamp shades are from Walmart.  I had to add that in there because I searched and searched forever for proper lampshades.  Who knew I'd find them at Walmart, of all places?  

Side table on the left is from Pier 1 and was $260, a bit of a splurge for us - and it's actually a bedside table.  Side table on the right is from Winners (the Canadian equivalent of TJ Maxx) and was $80.

Next time on fancy little things, the dining room!

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