Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Noticing a trend?

I really like fancy looking things that aren't expensive.  I did this for my girlfriend who needed help with her living room, and she was shocked that some of the items are from Target.

Here is the overall look of the room:

She really likes aqua and dark purple so I chose these colors by Martha Stewart (which as mentioned in a previous post, I don't like so I wouldn't recommend actually buying that brand but rather something by CIL).  The accent colors are cream and grey.  Very similar to my girlfriends little girls room below.

My favorite wallpaper is the one in the centre.  It is Walt Disney!  I had no idea he was such a stylish guy ;)

My favorite sofa is the Scroll sofa (top left) by Mantauk.  But it's $4000.  Ouch.

I love the silk curtains on the top right and left.  They are not all that pricey and they really make the room feel luxurious.

Accents from Urban Outfitters, Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie.  Gorgeous.

Most of these tables are from Target.  

I love the chaise.  I would have one in every room of my house if I could.

Artwork doesn't have to be expensive.  Take a couple of your favorite pictures, change them to black and white, blow them up and voila!  Framing is really cheap at Costco.

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