Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Master Bedroom


*Please excuse the mess.  I took these pictures in a hurry.

So that doorway goes to the master ensuite, pics to come.

My cat Shibby wanted in the pics.

And here is the after:

The blue paint is very pale silvery blue. It's called French Silver and it's by CIL.  I love CIL paint.  It goes on nice and thick.  The black wall is wallpapered with a textured damask wallpaper made by Debbie Travis from Canadian Tire which has been discontinued.  You can order this stuff from Home Depot, though. I think Martha Stewart makes one.  The paint on the wallpaper is called "Evening Hush" by Behr.  It's actually a dark charcoal grey.

The curtains are cream silk from Linens and Things.  You can find them at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware as LnT is now out of business.

I'm still in the process of choosing linens so I haven't taken any photos of the bed and the pictures we've put up on that side of the room.  Maybe I'll get around to it this weekend.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I LOVE THE WALLPAPER. Like I want to steal if off of your walls love it.