Wednesday, March 14, 2012

April's Color Palette

My girlfriend asked me to help her with her living room/dining room/kitchen. She had a color palette in mind but needed a bit of help with colors. I looove picking paint colors! She has warm honey toned wood furniture, and a tan couch. The tan in these two color palettes represents those tones. The background is a creamy white which is what she will use for her kitchen cabinets and the trim in the living room/dining room. I used a basic black as another accent - she doesn't have any black in the room right now but I think she should add a large black piece like a coffee table or gallery wall with black frames.  There should be something black in a room to anchor the eye (you may have heard me say that before - and it's true!).

Here is palette #1.  In this palette I chose a true gray, and aqua accents (pillows, etc). 

In this palette I chose a bluer gray.  It will go nicely with the sofa, but the aqua accents don't go as well with that shade of gray so I changed it out to a coral/peachy red. 

Once she chooses the color palette, I'll get down to the decorating details.  Stay tuned!

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