Monday, September 19, 2011

The finished "toilette"

Several weeks ago I posted about redoing our lower half bathroom and laundry room. I finished the laundry room in record time, but procrastinated on the bathroom because I had other more pressing matters to attend to (we are leaving for Europe in 4 days so I've been busy planning the trip, and busy setting up my new Etsy shop - stay tuned for more info on that!).

Here is a "before" refresher:

 Well, I started feeling the pressure of completing the bathroom when I decided to have our son's 2nd Birthday Party at our house.  I had to get my ass moving if I wanted it done in time!  It took me 2 days to paint.  That's a new record in my house!  Here is the finished paint job:

I L.O.V.E. it.  The only thing I don't like now is the artwork and the hand towels.  I was going to get plain white ones from Pottery Barn but I really think the bathroom needs a pop of color.  So, I begged a friend to get me these ones:

Missoni hand towels from Target.  But, they are sold out.  Shocking, I know!  So back to the drawing board.  I really want something fresh and sassy.  Maybe these in Aqua?

I've always loved these Anthropologie towels, but I'm not sure the pattern and color goes with the "Hollywood Glam" look that I'm going for.

The painting in our old bathroom (the poppies) was one we purchased while on vacation in Florence, Italy in 2007.  I love it, but not for this room.  I'm not sure where I'll put it now, but my tastes have definitely changed in the past 4 years.  I'm thinking something like this for above the toilet (this painting is from Cocoa and Hearts. It's sold out, but they are all so gorgeous, any of them would do!!):

And if Jen Ramos from Cocoa and Hearts never puts any new pieces on sale again, I'll settle for this one from lulu and drew ;)

 And lastly, I would like a black and white photograph with wide white matting, and a silver frame opposite the toilet.  Something like this:

I'm not sure how my husband would feel about a photo of Kate Middleton in our bathroom though.  He might think I've lost my mind but I think she's so gorgeous, she'd be suitable to put anywhere.  
Lastly, I need a garbage can and nothing but this one will do.  I'm on a mission to find it:

Now on to the next project - the office!!


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