Monday, July 25, 2011

My Next Project

The lower bathroom and laundry room.  I've come to the conclusion that the rest of the house is a disaster because we don't really have an "entry way" to dump our crap that we bring in every day, and no where to put things going out - clothing items being returned to the store, borrowed items being returned to friends and the like.  Y'know, just daily clutter.  We are currently using our stairwell and back entrance to dump stuff.  That is NOT working.  The back entrance ends up being littered with shoes, bags, dirty rags, etc.  It's a nightmare to navigate.

So, here is my current laundry room and bathroom:

Here is what I want to do with it:

First, I have to paint.  The color I've chosen is Blue Box by Sarah Richardson.  Then, I'm going to put up the cabinets (from Ikea) where the shelf is now, and keep the laundry soap/sprays etc, paper towel, light bulbs, toilet paper in them.  I will need 2 of these cabinets.

Then my plan is to put up the hooks on the back wall (across from the washer/dryer) so I can hang up my purse, diaper bag, and bags with returns.  The laundry hamper will go in the corner for dirty rags, bibs, and kitchen towels.  

The large black metal buckets will be on the washer for soaking, hand washing and rinsing, and the white bowl will on the dryer for loose change/business cards, etc.  I'll also have a few hooks above the light switch for keys.

The ironing board cover, bins/buckets/bowls and bottles are from The Laundress.  They have some gorgeous laundry stuff!  It actually makes me want to treat and presoak my clothes!

Oh, and I want a new light fixture.  So here is what I've picked:

It's only $50 from Ikea, and I think it's just the right size.  Now to convince my darling husband that it's enough light for the laundry room!

Now, here is my bathroom:

I seriously hate the beige.  HATE.  I'm painting it black and white striped - like this:

The paint I've chosen is Para Paints.  The white is Chrysler Hall white, and the black is Forge.  The mirror is staying but obviously will be mounted, and the light fixture will be the same as the ones we have in the other 2 bathrooms.

Here's what I have for the rest:

There's not much to it because, well, there's really not much to the bathroom. I'm keeping the art and candle holder on the shelf, I am switching out the green towels for Pottery Barn white ones, I need a new soap dish (the one I've chosen is from Restoration Hardware) and the new black and white art will go across from the toilet.  That's it, that's all!

I'm going to attempt to get the bathroom done by the end of August as I'm hosting a party at my house, and would like the guests to have a nice bathroom to use.  Wish me luck!



  1. Luck!! I know you can get it all done :-) The best way to deal with powder rooms like this is to treat them like special jewel boxes... and that sounds like what you're doing: the black & white will be lovely!! I have a laundry room project waiting for me in my basement so I KNOW how excited you must be to get this space completed and functional. Your plans sound terrific :-)

  2. My husband tells me that I have to do the laundry room first - so I'm all over it! I'm picking up the paint tonight, and we already have the cabinets! I'm so excited!